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MAXIMALISM: the art of more-is-more to design and decorate a colourful and extravagant home.

Goodbye minimalism! Discover the maximalist trend and its celebration of highly saturated colours, the mixture of different textures and the focus on quirky shapes. The ideal interior design style if you want to create a home décor that expresses happiness, playfulness and the most intimate reflection of your personality. An eclectic yet elegant style to decorate and furnish your home in Fuerteventura.

Yes, maximalism is coming back and, after many years of minimalist domination, we will see colourful interiors again, full of joy and full of furniture and home decorations that are not merely focusing on functionality but on expressing our personal taste and style.


If minimalist design is all about simplicity, removing the superfluous and living with items that we actually need and use, maximalism is all about excess and the unapologetic mix of bold colours, shapes and textures. It is true, a minimalist home décor looks comfortable, clean and peaceful thanks to its open space design and the usage of warm neutral tones. However, maximalist décor manages to convey a deep expression of personality through colours and extravagant mixtures of textiles and patterns.


Maximalism has been around for centuries: British bohemians used to decorate messy looking interiors in the London of 20th century that in reality were well thought-out. They used to instinctively yet carefully mix different colours, drawings and ceramics. They also loved painting any surface of the house from walls to fireplaces and bathtubs. Cabinets, coffee tables and stools were used to expose personal items or interesting decorative pieces acquired during a trip abroad. The need for expressing one's personality through the interior design and decoration of a home helped maximalism to resurface again as a trend during the Victorian era, a time where materialism was acclaimed and the "express yourself" culture started being explored. Showing off seemed to be the common denominator and here is where the popularity of eclectic wallpapers, embroidered carpets and statement artwork pieces began to rise.


Each era has its own intrinsic qualities that allow a trend or design style to come back into fashion. Nowadays maximalism is becoming popular among instagramers and millennials who are discovering the beauty and aesthetic properties of adding plants, unconventional colours and quirky accessories to their living spaces. Creating an indoor jungle with many different plants and vases or experimenting with a sort of kaleidoscopic design, using saturated colour palettes, turned out to be successful ways to be noticed on social media.


There is only one way to decorate and furnish a maximalist interior: you have to be extremely brave and willing to experiment outside of your comfort zone. In order to create an extravagant interior design that feels extremely personal, unique and impossible to imitate, you must be courageous and also have a clear vision of all the shapes, materials, colours and decorations that you are going to use. You need to be considerably inconsiderate otherwise this style is not for you.

These are some tips to decorate with, or add a touch of maximalism:

  • Have fun using different patterns and vibrant colours.

  • Display your book collection to decorate an entire wall.

  • Use bold wallpapers.

  • Buy glossy lacquered furniture.

  • Focus on abstract art to decorate your home.

  • Use one or two statement pieces.

  • Fill the space with plants.

  • Use different artworks with different frames and hang them on a wall.

  • Layer, layer and more layer. From objects to textiles.

  • Do not forget a design chandelier and to paint the ceiling.

  • Add vintage furniture or accents.

  • Display your favourite objects or souvenirs.

It is not easy to design a maximalist space because you need to mix different design styles and include decorative object and furniture from different eras. Bohemian décor is usually a good match for maximalism but the help of an expert interior decorator can guide you and tell you exactly when to stop adding new colours, layers and furniture. Remember, a maximalist home is extravagant but not chaotic. It is colourful, elegant and balanced in all its joyous eccentricity.

Noogar can help you design and decorate a beautiful and functional home in Fuerteventura. Our interior design services can assist you with the home renovation, the space design and furnishing of your property with exclusive furniture that you won't be able to find in the furniture and home décor shops of the island. Our interior designer will add style and value to your villa or holiday home in Fuerteventura creating a unique interior styling according to your specific taste.

Contact Us for a free quotation.

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