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10 ways to make your Living Room look more open and spacious.

Would you like to know how to make your living space look bigger and more spacious? Our interior decorator shares some design and décor tips to help you create the "open space look". Even if you a have a small living room or if you don't want to renovate, these ideas will definitely make the time you spend in your living area more comfortable and enjoyable.

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1. Open Plan Design: it is interior designers' best kept (and most favourite) secret to open up the space and convert the living room, kitchen and dining area into one, big, loft-style open space. No matter the size of your home, an open plan is a priority if you want the space to look welcoming and interesting.

2. Furniture Sizes: proportions are extremely important to remember and to respect when you decorate and furnish a living room. Buy furniture with foot to create a floating effect and if you buy a big statement piece of furniture, like a table or sideboard, do not clutter the space with anything else.

3. Buy a Low Sofa: the most important piece of any interior decoration will help you make the ceiling look higher if you buy it in a low, modern or Nordic style.

4. Neutral Colour Palette: one of the many benefits of decorating with neutral colours is the fact that they are not distracting and therefore play a key role in making the living room visually pleasing and more spacious.

5. Modular Furniture: if you have a small apartment to decorate, a modular sofa can make it easier to use the space according to your own specific needs, using the different modules available. You should also think about furniture that you can place (and that would look well) in a U or L shape.

6. Custom Designed Storage: your interior designer can assist you in designing clever storage solutions that will save you a lot of space in the living room and that would look aesthetically beautiful. Built-in cabinets, furniture or wall niches and shelves are all worth investing in to fully enjoy your small living room long-term.

7. Light Design: it may sound surprising but avoiding floor lamps in a small living room is mandatory. It is better to opt for wall lighting and sconces to illuminate the space and create a cosy atmosphere that won't look distracting.

8. Natural Light: the more natural light you have, the easier it is to design an open plan living room. You should never underestimate the impact that natural light has and, if possible, you should add windows or skylights during the home renovation. See-through curtains are ideal to let more light in and mirrors are a clever way to reflect more light within the space.

9. Curtains: a great decorative tip you can use has got to do with your living room curtains. Having them hanging from the ceiling instead of the window frame is another easy way to make the ceiling look higher.

10. The TV: there's no better place than the wall to hang your TV if you want your living room to look more modern and spacious. Placing a floating cabinet beneath the TV will add visual lightness to the space and most importantly, it won't use valuable space.

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