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Discovering 'Lagom' - The Swedish design (and way of living) that creates a happier home.

If you haven't heard about it yet, a new Swedish word has entered our vocabulary and is now present in our home décor. Lagom is not just another Nordic interior design trend, it is a Swedish philosophy and way of living that promotes moderation rather than abundance, sustainability and functionality over wasting and cluttering. Discover all the benefits that Lagom can bring to your daily life and how to decorate a happy, multifunctional, minimal and neutral interior for your home in Fuerteventura.

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Over the last few years we grew accustomed to the latest Scandinavian interior design and home décor trends like Nordic minimalism and the notoriously famous 'Hygge' - the Danish concept of decorating a ultra cosy and comfortable home. If Hygge has become part of our design vocabulary, Lagom is definitely the next in line but its meaning, and purpose, is completely different.


Its literal translation is "enough" or "adequate" but its most important meaning lies behind a concept that we could translate as "the right measure and amount is the best". Contrary to Hygge, it is a philosophy that promotes moderation and tranquillity not only in the way we decorate our home. Swedes apply Lagom to many other aspects of life including food, travel, fashion and having a low-impact on the environment as a way to live a life that focuses on simplicity, minimalism and most importantly functionality over lavishness.

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Everything in small doses is basically the secret to improve both our wellbeing and attitude towards our work life. Therefore, it is not surprising to see how coworking spaces, offices and workspaces in general are applying this Swedish concept because to bring tranquillity and improve productivity in a space where efficiency and functionality are essential.

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A Lagom approach to life means finding moderation in a world full of stimuli and reckless consumerism. Happiness is not about owning a lot of things and being busy with activities all the time, it is about achieving that balance where we have a more responsible and respectful routine with ourselves and the world around us. When we take the word "excess" out of the equation, our lives become happier, proactive and mindful about the effects our actions have on the environment. We also become more conscious about the materials and furniture we decide to include in our living spaces. Lagom is based on self-discipline, sustainability and simplicity. Simply not too much, not too little is the key to a good work-life balance and a functional and beautiful interior design.

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Swedes like to say "just a little lagom of furniture here," and what they mean is that the space should not be cluttered and without too many pieces of furniture and decorations. Lagom is of course closely related to Scandi décor and the use of a calming, neutral colour palette. It is important to have a minimal approach when it comes to designing and decorating a space and the living room should include plenty of plants and natural materials like wood (yes a lot of wood), jute and cotton. The best furniture is multifunctional design furniture because of its extra storage and ability to keep the space open.

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For this reason, according to interior decorators it is important to think of custom designed features and furniture when designing a Lagom living space because the most important thing is to feel comfortable at home on a daily basis as we take care of our daily tasks. It is about balancing minimalism with furniture and decorative objects that are practical and help us simplify our life. The interior decoration should neither be too minimal nor too bare. The purpose is to create a peaceful space according to what we need, once again with not too much and not too little.

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  • Don't buy furniture and decorations in excess

  • Enjoy and celebrate the small details (of your life and of your home)

  • Don't waste water and electricity. Opt for solar panels

  • Recycle and lead a more sustainable lifestyle

  • Use few yet versatile and functional pieces of furniture

  • Keep the space sober and balanced

  • Use neutral and classic colours (blacks and whites are welcomed)

  • Buy furniture and home decorations that are necessary and ethically sourced

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Noogar can help you design and decorate a beautiful and functional home in Fuerteventura. Our interior design services can assist you with the home renovation, the space design and decorations of your property with exclusive furniture that you won't be able to find in the furniture and home décor shops of the island. Our interior decorator will add style and value to your villa or holiday home in Fuerteventura creating a unique interior styling according to your specific taste.

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