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Kitchen Design and Renovation: Ideas to completely transform your Kitchen in Fuerteventura.

The kitchen is the area we use the most in our house and the one that, every now and then, may need (and actually deserves) a makeover or a new design. Our interior decorator in Fuerteventura put together a list of inspiring kitchen trends that we'll see everywhere this year. From the return of colour to natural materials, custom-designed cabinetry and lighting, discover how you can make both your life and the time you spend in the kitchen happier and more functional.

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Illumination is one of the most important interior design elements to create a unique and beautiful atmosphere within the space and the kitchen is no exception. Therefore, just changing the lighting is an effective way to make a big difference in your both the appearance and functionality of the kitchen. Cooking will suddenly feel more appealing to you in a space that has lighting under the upper cabinets. Also, countertop lighting is something you should think about to add warmth in your kitchen.


It is essential to have an organized and decluttered kitchen in order to create a sense of peace and harmony in what sometimes can be an heated place. Clever storage solutions should be your priority when designing or renovating a kitchen, from plates and glasses to smaller items like spices a well thought-out kitchen will positively impact your life.

Built-in cabinets and storage units are becoming more popular than open-shelving but this doesn't mean you have to sacrifice on design. Your interior designer can create nooks and design a kitchen island that will give you extra storage and extra style.


Natural materials will be predominant in the kitchen in 2022 and we'll see the rise of sophisticated materials like light oak wood, stones like travertine and quartzite. These materials will help you add texture to the kitchen design and also elevate the entire kitchen décor. Finishes do not need to be perfect and precise all the time and unlacquered brass finished with a natural patina, bronze for plumbing fixtures and handmade ceramic tiles will be popular choices thanks to their natural look.

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Even though modern white kitchens won't disappear this year, colours are coming back in bold and strong accents from backsplashes to appliances. The secret will be in the way you use colour and how you decide to contrast it with the other elements present in the kitchen like cabinets, stones and wooden features. Your interior decorator can help you create the best colour palette and in doing so, express your personal style and personality.


We will see a lot of green and even yellow on cabinets this year as there is a strong desire to leave white cabinets in the past. Once again, it all depends on your personal taste and if you don't want to renounce on white, you can find interesting ways of adding colour around it. Neutral tones mixed with strong colours is a trend that is moving from the living room to the kitchen. Intense greens, rich reds, and blues can easily add personality to your kitchen cabinets and it is important to do so because they are usually the first thing we look at when we enter a kitchen.


Yes, we already know how easy it is to clean tiles in the kitchen and how they help protecting the walls from daily splashes of tomato sauce and spills of juice after using your Nutribullet but the decorative powers of tiles is so incredible that you should really consider using them in your kitchen. Just like with colours, you can get extremely creative (and personal) and place tiles in a way to create interesting pattern. Tiles or not only meant for rustic style or Mediterranean style kitchens, they are becoming a must-add element in many modern kitchens thanks to their wide range in terms of shapes and colours.


As we are focusing more on natural materials, reclaimed wood and sustainable-design wood is a beautiful and timeless material to choose as the main protagonist of your kitchen renovation. This year wood will be present in darker and richer tones because of its warmth and welcoming factor. When you combine it with tiles, marble, metal finishes or even a contrasting bold colour, your kitchen will become the most incredible place to be.

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