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How to Decorate your home in 2021? Discover the latest Interior Design Trends and Tips

The new year has just begun and what better time to consider a new look and style for your home decor? Our interior designer tells you about the latest trends and tips to design and decorate your home in Fuerteventura. The interior decor of 2021 will be natural, sustainable, and comfortable as we spend more time at home.

The Office takes over the living room.

Many people are working from home and there is a need to have one multifunctional open space where the living room and the office unite become a hibrid space. The office area is not hidden but is becomes a vital part of the living room. Unfortunately, the covid pandemic has changed our necessities and the way we think of how a comfortable living space should be. Therefore, the sofa and chairs must be super comfortable becasue when you work from home, you will not sit at your desk for 8 hours, you can sit on the sofa and at the dining table as well. It is advisable to decorate the space with natural wood to create a calming and relaxing living/working space at home.

Boutique Bathroom.

Maybe it is because it will not be easy to travel this year that the new trend in bathrooms is to have a space that feels like you are in a spa or boutique hotel. In the past, clients wanted modern bathrooms that were functional and technological. This year is all about having a place where to unwind and be yourself. It is all about emotions and natural elements like stone and natural wood. When you touch the sink or look at the faucet's colour, you need to feel good. Touches of industrial decor can be added in your bathroom renovation (matte black details) or a wallpaper can truly transform the bathroom style. No, wallpaper is not going out of fashion.

Blues and Greens: a nod to sustainability.

We know how colours deeply affect our wellbeing and this year, we need that extra touch of warmth for our interior decoration. A blue and green colour palette and in general soft and gentle colours will create a space where to feel more connected with nature and what is around you. For your home in Fuerteventura you can also opt for an earthy and warm colour palette , a great tip to mirror the colours of the island within your home decoration. The perfect colour palette will make your interior design a timeless and sustainable one.

Indoor plants: all in one place.

Decorating your home with plants is always a must and in my interior design projects I always include a touch of green especially because living in Fuerteventura, there are moments where you need to see some greenery. Vertical gardens continue to be a trend but this year, the new trend is to put all the plants together in one single place. During the lockdown we learned how important it is to have an outdoor space and if you don't have one, the idea is to create an interior garden in your living room, kitchen or bedroom. Having all the plants in one place will make an original statement and help you improve your working, living, and domestic social life.

Contemporary bedroom with Nordic touches.

If you have not noticed, in the last few months Instagram and interior design blogs are full of pictures of simple, almost minimal bedroom decorations. In 2021 the bedroom decor will be contemporary with nordic style touches. The idea is to have a warm space where light brown, gray and pink will add an elegant touch to the bedroom on both walls and textiles. The bedside table is back in fashion and thanks to it you can express your originality. The key to decorate your bedroom will be simplicity and originality.

Hygienic materials.

Copper and brass will be a big trend in 2021 and the reason is hygienic. In the last year, many people who had their home or kitchen designed by an interior designer, wanted material with antibacterial properties and auto-cleaning floors and surfaces to clean shoe marks. This helps with not polluting the environment with overusing cleaning products and maintaining your space clean and spotless.

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