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How to use Venetian Terrazzo for a modern and elegant Interior Design from flooring to the kitchen.

Both interior designers and clients have fallen in love throughout the decades with the traditional flooring made of marble and ground stones known as Venetian Terrazzo. Discover how you can use this precious and highly resistant material to decorate your home in Fuerteventura with a modern yet timeless style.

Past interior design trends always find their way to resurface and be present in contemporary home designs however, Terrazzo, obtained by mixing discarded chips of marble with and ground stones like quartz, glass, and granite, is a composite material that always remained trendy in the architectural and interior design world in so many different ways.

This handmade technique was used for flooring on mansions and palaces in Venice in the mid-15th century. Terrazzo comes from the Italian word terrace, derived from the Latin terraceus (earth). It was used in public spaces for its durability and low maintenance but nowadays, thanks to its easily customizable factor, Venetian Terrazzo is not only something exclusive to ancient churches or a venetian palazzo.

While flooring remains a classic option in the use of terrazzo, this beautiful material has the ability to completely change the aesthetic of your home décor when used on countertops, backsplashes, wall tiles, furniture and also lighting.

The origin of terrazzo dates back to ancient Egypt but the way we know it nowadays was developed in Venice as a low-cost alternative to traditional flooring. Regardless being the cheaper option, terrazzo became a quintessential symbol of Venice and of old-style-Italian elegance around the world. It became popular in the United States in the 1920s when Art Deco and Modern styles started to appear. It was also used for commercial spaces like airports and hotels and then became iconic when used for the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame.

If you decide to use venetian terrazzo, the most common type you can find today is the epoxy terrazzo. The marble is sealed with an epoxy-resin binder instead of concrete for a faster installation, an endless variety of colour choices and a stronger, thinner surface with fewer chances of cracking. Besides being very easy to clean, this material guarantees a totally hygienic and safe surface. An added value like its sustainability, since it comes from natural raw materials and it's usually produced according to your interior designer's specific plans and measurements.

The modern use of venetian terrazzo is due to its versatility, durability and of course historical and symbolical attributes. You can make a subtle yet powerful statement in your interior décor when you use it even on a tiny surface or as a decorative element. Terrazzo tiles, terrazzo countertops and table tops are just a few of the many ways you can use it to modernize any room of your home. Neutral colours are the timeless colours associated with Venetian Terrazzo however, depending on the interior design style of your property, you can introduce a bolder colour with your terrazzo to customize your kitchen design and make it unique.

Terrazzo for your modern open-space floor, terrazzo on the walls to add a contemporary touch, terrazzo in the bathroom for a quirky accent, or in the kitchen for a timeless and eccentric look.

A professional interior designer and home decorator can assist you in your home renovation, design and furnishing in Fuerteventura. Would you like to create a space that is not only different but that reflects your own personal style?

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