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How to use Neutral Colours to create a warm and peaceful Interior Décor for your home.

If you think that neutral colours are boring colours you should think again. Using a neutral colour palette to decorate your living room or to furnish your bedroom can benefit you in many ways. Not only neutral colours emphasize peace and tranquillity, they also create the perfect canvas that gives you the freedom to experiment with different interior design styles in your home in Fuerteventura. Are you ready to discover more about the trendy neutral colours of the year?

Beige, grey, taupe, white, ivory and black will be your best friends in creating a home décor that emanates warmth and well-being. We tend to think of neutral colours as pale colours with no personality but in reality, a professional interior designer knows how to create different hues and shades using a neutral colour palette. A beige, for example, can have an undertone of gold or grey. A white might be colder or warmer depending on the yellow or blue hues that you add to it. For this reason, neutral colours are extremely versatile: you can use them to create a soft and minimal aesthetic or you can use them as a background for a bolder and more dramatic interior décor.

If you are renovating your home in Fuerteventura, deciding on a neutral colour palette means that you can safely add natural and sustainable material in your interior design. These timeless colours are perfect if you use them with raw wood and natural stones because they create subtle contrasts that will elevate the space from a flat looking one to an interesting one. Even an imperfect wall or floor can result beautiful when using textiles, curtains or carpets in neutral colours.

The best way to use warm and neutral colours at home? To create a beautiful and neutral interior design, you should always find ways to add a touch of colour with decorations or fabrics. When you use neutral colours as a background, the rule is to always use a light shade to paint the walls. For example, if you use grey, you should use a cooler or softer hue for the walls and then go darker and bolder with the furnishing. It is all about creating focal points and different textures to generate attention and break from the uniformity of the interior décor.

Shapes are also very important when using neutral colours, in fact, they take them to a new level of balance and harmony. Using neutral colours together with round shapes and natural fibres is a way to reinforce the naturalistic element that every home décor should have. When you pair this with plants and the colour green, the contrast in guaranteed.

Decorating with neutral colours does not mean you will create a modern rustic or Scandinavian style. The search for peace and tranquillity of these colours are usually associated with slow design and slow life and its minimal décor. However, simply using black and white as neutral colours allow for endless contrasts and combination for your interior decorating. The result is modern, elegant and depending on how you decide to contrast these two colours using them on furniture and artworks, you can also create a glamorous, classic or sophisticated style for your home.

An interior designer can help you design and decorate your home in Fuerteventura using the perfect colour palette according to the space and exposure to natural light. Find your own, personal interior décor style today.

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