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Scandi-Boho: Discover the latest interior design trend and how to adapt it to your home.

It has been one of the most posted interior design style on social media by interior design bloggers and décor lovers. Scandi-Boho is more than a mixture between Scandinavian's minimalist elegance and the colourfully ethnic Bohemian interiors, it is about creating a relaxed interior decoration that feels original yet functional. From Scandinavian pine wood and simple lines to Bohemian exotic decorations, discover how to create a Scandi-Boho interior for your home in Fuerteventura.

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Scandinavian and Bohemian style couldn't be further apart but just like black and white, when mixed with balance and care, they create something new and different. A new interior design style where both trends bring their strongest elements, maintaining their own integrity and originality. Scandi-Boho is the perfect example of a completely new way to design and decorate a house using both a neutral colour palette and colourful, ethnic, natural fibres.

If Scandinavian style is all about natural materials to convey simplicity, harmony and the less-is-more mentality typical of Nordic interiors, bohemian style breaks all the rules of order and symmetry, bringing to any interior décor a strong, personal influence that could range from eccentric decorations to colourful rugs, curtains and patterned cushions. Therefore the question is, what is the best way to introduce this original (and instagramable) interior design trend at home?

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White Walls

When you paint your walls white, you are ready to start envisioning and designing your home makeover because it is the best way to have a fresh start and a neutral base for your new interior décor. Any interior designer would agree on this. Modern-Boho style is basically based on white so, if you want to decorate using the Scandi-Boho trend, white is the best choice as it is the trait d'union between the cold, Nordic colour palette and the Modern-Bohemian aesthetic.

Comfortable Seating

When you think about a boho living room, you think about velvet sofas, vintage armchairs and ethnic poufs. The Scandi-Boho approach is the same, however you need to be practical and maintain the clean and symmetric lines of Nordic interiors therefore, to create a welcoming and relaxing living room, you can use custom-designed floor seating, hanging swings, wicker chairs, and plain poufs to respect the neutral colour palette.

Ethnic Memorabilia

The best way to add personality and originality to your interior design with Scandi-Boho is to use bohemian style's favourite element: exotic pieces. Boho tradition is all about finding artisanal, handmade pieces around the world, especially when you are on holiday. It could be a decorative artwork, handmade crafts, vases, intricate carpets, colourful furnishings, or textiles with ethnic patterns. These objects tell your story and their uniqueness will be the secret of a special home décor. Used on a neutral colour palette they will bring life and a new dimension to your interior design, creating a beautiful sense of imperfection within the perfection of Scandinavian design lines and shapes. Of course, balance is the key, otherwise the effect will just be messy.

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Natural and Simple Materials

The element that equally represents both styles is the use of natural materials to decorate any room. Scandi-Boho is all about "simple materials" like rattan, jute and wicker (bohemian style's favourite) and natural wood like oak, one of the most iconic and recognizable natural wood in Scandinavian interiors. Textiles like organic cotton and materials like stone, light-coloured marble and ceramic are elements that can be found in both styles and can therefore be included in a Scandi-Boho home to design a space that feels both in touch with nature and with a modern aesthetic where textures and colours create a vibrant yet elegant interior design.

The Plant Factor

Using plants to decorate your home is mandatory to create a Scandi-Boho interior, however these 2 styles need to compromise and find a common ground when using plants. Forget about the bohemian indoor jungle trend where any kind of plants and pots are used to make a strong a bold statement. You need to acknowledge the scandi minimal philosophy and therefore use only a few plants to decorate the space. You will still make a statement using plants with large, beautiful and sculptural leaves. You can still use wicker baskets if you prefer to keep a more bohemian influence.

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Using professional interior design services to design and decorate your property in Fuerteventura is the best way to furnish and create a unique and personal interior styling.

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