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How to Decorate your home in Fuerteventura using Coastal Style to create the holiday vibe.

People who discover the coastal lifestyle usually end up falling in love with its calming and relaxing attitude. Precisely for this reason, they decorate their homes using the coastal style in an attempt to recreate a warm, carefree interior design that takes them back to their summer holidays. Sometimes it is not enough to remember beautiful moments through pictures, you want to wake up in the morning in a home that inspires peace and tranquillity. Discover how you can furnish and decorate your home to feel like on a holiday.

What is Coastal Style?

Coastal style is not the same as Mediterranean, tropical, or nautical. If we had to define it in one word, it would be "beachy". It is a rather minimalist and sober interior design style, therefore do not make the mistake of decorating your beach house using anchors, shells, boats and dolphins. Through use of natural light, soft tones, and a clean aesthetic, this style is meant to evoke the breeziness of the beach.


Make sure you have a suitable space before furnishing your home using the coastal-elegance elements. White walls are almost a must because they create an airy and spacious interior. The ideal backdrop for accessories and coastal decorations. Large windows and plenty of natural light are also the key. These interiors should never be dark or cramped. It is about creating a borderless the feeling between the interior and exterior design.

Colours and Materials

You can achieve a relaxed atmosphere with natural fabrics such as linen, jute, sisal or woven fibres combined with light and cosy colours. Earthy colours are a good basis for your colour palette because they remind of the surrounding beaches, sand dunes and mountains. The different shades of blue of the sky or ocean are another great addition to your interior décor. Balance is mandatory, especially if you use delicate patterns like stripes.

Playful Aesthetic

A relaxing coastal environment focuses on neutral tones and touches of colours through decorations. This does not mean you cannot have fun with it, after all, fun is a key element of every holiday home. You can use quirky wall decorations or handmade lamps to add that coastal touch to the interior. Shapes are usually clean to emphasize lines and layers.

Wood and Handmade

Don't be afraid to experiment and ask your interior designer to find you something special and custom-made. Uniqueness is attractive and if you want to turn your house into a charming space, you will need to think original. Wood is perfect to add warmth: tables, stools, shelves, custom-made beds with solid wood frames, wide wooden floorboards and wooden wall panelling. Try not to mix too many different kinds of wood in the same space and remember, minimalism is your starting point. Do not lose focus of it.

The coastal style of your home reflects the way you live and the perception you have of the space. Decorating your holiday home in Fuerteventura with this style means evoking a relaxed, playful mood. You may need to paint the walls white or have some construction works done to open up the space. In the end, coastal style promises a beautifully designed and decorated space that feels like a summer holiday retreat.

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