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Home Renovation: the latest trends if you are planning to renovate your Villa in Fuerteventura.

When you buy a new house or when you simply want to change the interior design and home décor of your property, it is important to plan every detail in advance (aesthetic and architectural) in order to prepare a successful home renovation. Before you start tearing down walls and buying furniture, discover the latest trends to renovate your home.

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In the last two years many things have changed and as we spend more time living and working from home, even our necessities have changed. When it comes to interior design and how we conceive and decide to use our home spaces, clients are opting for open multifunctional spaces, home offices, technology, sustainability and the need to design comfortable indoor/outdoor spaces to take advantage of the beautiful weather in the Canary Islands.

Are you looking for inspiration? These are the best home renovation trends according to interior designer and home decorators:


It is surprisingly becoming the most important room of the house for people who work from home and need a professional space and background during online meetings. You can either consider using one of the guest rooms to create a quiet and functional home office or, if you are designing and renovating your property, make sure you reserve some of the square meters to design a professional and elegant workspace. After all, a nicely decorated environment improves productivity and concentration.

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We have been spending more time at home because of the pandemic but actually, we have been moving outdoor, in our terrace, garden or patio. For this reason, it is important to invest in and improve our outdoor spaces in order to enjoy many relaxing moments comfortably. You can always buy outdoor furniture but when you renovate your terrace, your interior designer can help you design custom-made features like a custom-designed bench to allow for more seats. Exterior renovations will be popular this year and you should take in considerations different things like the swimming pool and structures to provide shade.

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Creating textures are one of the elements interior decorators use the most to add different layers and depth to a space. Homeowners as well are interested in visually pleasing colours and textures and for this reason, patterned fabrics will be a trend this year and they can be easily used on 3D wall panels if you are designing a modern and contemporary space. Texture will contaminate fabrics and furniture too and we will see them in interesting colour combinations like sage green and pastel yellow. One of our favourite way to add texture is using natural materials and wood panels because it gives an extremely personal (and exclusive) touch any living room or bedroom.

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We are becoming more exigent with everything concerning home décor and once again, spending more time at home means decorating in a way that makes us feel better and at ease. Wallpapers will be a great option if you do not want to commit to a specific colour palette and you want to experiment with beautiful patterns and prints. A great way to express your personality and add the beforementioned texture to the interior décor. Colour therapy has become an integral part of any interior design project so, what colours make you feel better? This year you can dare with popping hues of pink, orange, blue and green. Black will be the new white and it will help you to create interesting contrast especially during your kitchen renovation.

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As a colour, green will make your home feel fresh and comforting therefore, it will be one of the best and most used home renovation trend of 2022. Green kitchens are becoming popular for their elegant yet modern effect while in the bedroom, green adds balance and connects us to nature. When we talk about green, we also talk about designing a sustainable and eco-friendly home because this year, most of the home projects in Fuerteventura will focus on reclaimed materials, innovative kitchen appliances, sustainability and decorating with natural, raw materials such as wood, rattan, clay, and stone that combine perfectly with any style and colour. It might seem superfluous to mention it but remember that decorating with green indoor plants is always the best way to create a space full of positive energy.

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6. OPEN THE DOOR TO NATURE The greatest advantage I have seen of planning a home renovation is that you can find ways with your architect and interior designer to get more natural light into the living space. Bigger windows, arches, and replacing windows with doors are just a few of the many ways to feel closer to nature. A proper plan needs to consider the orientation of your home, the exposure to the sun during the day and if you have a view over the ocean of El Cotillo and Corralejo or the volcanoes of Lajares and Villaverde then your connection with nature is achieved using large windows and designing an outdoor space fluidly connected with the indoor.

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After long weeks of renovation, dust, stress, patience and effort (without mentioning the financial aspect of it all) your new home or villa in Fuerteventura is ready and it is just the way you always wanted it to be. Aren't you forgetting something? A home renovation should also imply choosing the quality of the materials from the very beginning as this will not only affect your budget and design options but also the durability of the surfaces of your home. Countertops for example are more prone to wear and tear, therefore acrylic solid surfaces will become a popular choice this year.

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Thanks to our interior design and home decorating services in Fuerteventura we can manage your entire home renovation project from the beginning. If you are not on the island, Noogar can do many things on your behalf:

Work according to the assigned budget

Design your house in 3D

Custom Kitchen Design

Ask for quotations

Manage and Coordinate contractors

Check the progress and quality of the renovation

Arrange furniture delivery and assembly

Furnish and decorate the space

Contact us today for a free quotation.

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