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Home Decorating with Plants

Bring a touch of green to your home in the Canary Islands.

There is no better way to finish a home decorating project than adding some plants. At Noogar, decorating with plants is as important and as exciting as finding the right artwork or handmade decorative piece. Leafy plants, aloe vera or potted cacti can add so much character and texture to any of your favourite rooms. If you don't know where to start from don't worry, we are here for you. Indoor plants have a way of creating dimension and style to a home effortlessly and also clean the air we breathe and make us happier.

Happy Plants in Tefía

One of our favourite garden centre in Fuerteventura is Happy Plants near the rural village of Tefía. Nestled among the surrounding mountains, this beautiful family run garden offers a wide selection of mature plants, decorative plants and a magical cactus garden. Everything is grown with love by the owners who also mix their own organic soil, full of minerals. The selection is really impressive and on top of the garden, with its outdoor plants, you can find an enchanting greenhouse with both tropical and indoor leafy plants. Another thing we love about Happy Plants is their selection of pots and vases. Most of them are handmade and presented in the most charming colours. Never underestimate the importance of the perfect vase for your plant! Plant styling has become very important for clients and we take great care of each and every plant in order to place it the right vase and spot (yes, awareness of sun exposure in your home is vital!).

In our interior design and home decoration projects, we usually like to contrast the green of certain plants against a bold and rich colour like yellow or blue. Even better if the plants are inside hanging baskets and their green foliage floating in the air. For us is always a serious mission to find the perfect handmade vase to bring a natural and rustic style to your home. After all, plants are a living part of nature and they deserve to be presented in the most beautiful way. Depending on your home, we usually like to group together plants of different heights to create a more realistic and less staged look.

A great trick we sometimes use is placing vases on top of a wooden or metal stool to create different symmetries and put the plants at the center of attention. Together with floating plants, this is a great way to recreate an indoor little jungle. When it comes to colour we almost have no rules! Pots of different colours and sizes create a more eclectic and personal look and Noogar can also create for your exclusive hand painted pots. Decorating with plants is the ultimate way of making your home special but you must consider the plants' care and living conditions before you proceed. In case you don't have a green thumb, cacti and succulents could be the best option for you and we'll help you create with them an exotic and bohemian home style.

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