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Updated: Jun 2, 2021

The connection between colours and emotions.

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As you know, light and colour can affect our mood in many different ways. They can influence our behaviour and most of all our daily emotions. When we work on an interior design project we take great care at Noogar to choose each and every colour in order to create a balanced colour palette for our clients. Are you not sure about the right colour for your kitchen or bedroom? Let’s do some chromotherapy and discover the inner power of some colours for you to consider on your next home renovating or decorating project.

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Blue – A calming and refreshing colour emanating security and defusing negative energies. Perfect when paired with wooden furniture or white home decorations. Deep tones of blue are believed to have an analgesic effect on our body and strengthen the immunity system. It’s the colour of the sky and the sea and it can be soothing to look at in a bathroom while you take a shower.

Green – A warm and cold colour at the same time, green is always a refreshing colour that evokes nature and wellbeing. If your priority is peace and tranquillity, green is the colour for you and it has been for centuries associated to healing powers. We also like to play with this colour on our decorating projects to bring an eclectic and glam touch.

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Yellow – Energetic and known to be the colour of happiness and optimism. This is why it works best in spaces where you spend most of your time and get together with friends, for example in the kitchen for an informal dinner party. A vibrant colour that symbolises youth and creative stimulation.

Orange – This is the colour of communication and good vibes. Therefore it works perfectly in kitchens, chill out rooms and creative spaces. Orange is also believed to stimulate healthy eating and good appetite.

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Would you like to interior design or renovate your home according to your emotions? Contact us to find out more about all the services we can offer you!

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