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Change the look and style of your Bedroom Decor

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

The perfect interior design of a bedroom is not always easy to achieve. It depends on the style you want to use, the size of the bedroom and its purpose in you home. Whether you want to restyle it or reform it, our interior design and home decor studio in Fuerteventura gives you some tips to decorate the most personal and special room in your home.

When a client decides to renovate their property in #Fuerteventura, the #interiordesign project always includes one particularly important space: the bedroom. Their priority is to have a #bedroom that feels comfortable and functional, but our interior design studio needs to achieve more than this. How do you decorate your bedroom? What is the best style for a bedroom renovation? How to improve the style of your guest bedroom in your holiday home in Fuerteventura? For you to better understand how to transform your bedroom interior décor, we have decided to show you different options, completely designed and decorated by Noogar.

As a general rule, your #homedécor should have a specific aesthetic and style and this is the first thing we talk about with our clients because, having a clear vision from the beginning, helps us making decision and plan the #homerenovation, including structural changes and custom-made storage options. What is the purpose of your bedroom restyling? Maybe you would like it to be more spacious to include an ensuite bathroom or, in case you are renting a holiday property, to give your guests a more welcoming and charming place to return to after a day at the beach. Whatever your reason, Noogar can assist you in planning the renovation and choosing the perfect style for your bedroom to create a space that seamlessly blends within the entire home interior design.

On a home renovation project in Puerto Del Rosario, the clients were a couple who planned to live permanently in the property. However, having many friends or family members visiting them from Madrid on a regular basis, the guest bedroom had to be completely transformed. Both the master bedroom and the guest bedroom are decorated in a modern #bohemianstyle to keep the same vibe as the living room décor. The master bedroom feels more ethnic and masculine and we introduced headboards, carpets and furniture made of natural elements and wood. For their guest, the bohemian style presents a more pastel coloured palette and light, cotton materials to give guests that summery, holiday feeling. It is a contemporary way to create a Moroccan boho interior styling.

There are many people who buy a holiday home in Fuerteventura to have a place to both rent and partly stay during the year. One of our German clients who bought a sea view apartment in Gran Tarajal, needed help with furniture and home decorations to create a special and relaxing retreat where to escape to. Since options are quite limited in terms of furniture in Fuerteventura, thanks to our personal list of suppliers we manage to make her happy using mostly natural and organic material and textiles for cushions, bed throws and original artworks. Her master bedroom is an homage to the deep blue sea of Fuerteventura and a handmade rustic wood headboard makes the bedroom décor feel natural and calming.

Are you wondering if renovating and decorating on a budget is possible? The answer is yes! On our interior design project in Corralejo, we took charge of the whole renovation for our clients from start to finish. The property was completely empty and as our clients needed extra space, we did not only designed and created an open plan kitchen, we added a third guest bedroom and second bathroom to give more functionality and space to the daily family life. Your budget may not be endless, but possibilities are, and we can work and manage your desired budget to make the most out of your property #interiordécor and style.

For an attic we recently designed and decorated in Pueblo Majorero, on the Caleta de Fuste golf course, we opted for contemporary style with influences from the retro and vintage era. The clients from Bilbao, wanted a home that did not feel like a holiday home even though they were going to live here only 6 months a year. The retro style décor is present in the guest bedroom where you can find vintage decorations and a 70s style dresser. They needed more sleeping bed but in order not to ruin the look of the bedroom and to maximize the space, we selected a bed frame that features a pull-out extra bed. A fun and functional solution.

The master bedroom has a more modern style to it but still maintaining a retro and natural look thanks to the custom-made floor to ceiling wooden wall we designed for our clients. It was not a spacious room but with a statement feature like this, hanging lamps and linen blankets this bedroom became full of character and elegance.

Do you need to change the style of your bedroom in Fuerteventura? Then discover the world of Noogar to transform your special bedroom in the style you always dreamed of.

Are you looking for an interior designer that can transform your home? Contact us for a free consultation and to discover all the services we can offer you.

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