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Designer Outdoor Furniture to decorate your garden in different styles.

Are you looking to buy outdoor furniture for your garden, terrace or patio in Fuerteventura? Discover how to create a cosy and relaxing decoration for your sunny outdoor space in the Canary Islands.

If you have a home in the Canary Islands, you are lucky to have the Spring/Summer season by your side almost every day of the year. Living in the islands of eternal spring means that you can enjoy outdoor activities on a regular basis and quite frankly, nothing compares to relaxing or even working out comfortably in your own a garden, patio, terrace or even rooftop.

Our interior designer and home decorator in Fuerteventura tells you about how to decorate your outdoor space and how to buy quality and design furniture so that you won't miss out on comfort and style.

Tables, chairs, loungers, benches, rocking chairs and hammocks, the list can be endless when you need to furnish your garden so it all depends on the outdoor style you would like to create. Do you like a modern outdoor décor or a bohemian outdoor décor? Maybe you are more into colours and bohemian flavour or maybe you prefer a simpler and more sustainable décor like Scandinavian. It is important to study the space and refurbish your outdoor and pool area before you start buying furniture and decorating your outdoor oasis.

In our outdoor design projects in Fuerteventura we usually try to create an open, spacious, indoor/outdoor design so that the outdoor would feel like a natural extension of the living space. It is also extremely important to understand the purpose of the outdoor space and if you are going to use it just to relax and sunbathe or if you plan on entertaining and welcoming friends for a barbecue or a pool party.

No matter how big or small your outdoor design and decoration project will be because choosing the right style according to sizes and functionality will be the key of a successful outdoor décor. Scandinavian style is one of the most popular and requested styles because of the beauty and durability of Scandinavian design bamboo furniture. You can decorate an exclusive outdoor using bamboo loungers, sofas, tables and bamboo chairs to create a natural décor with an artisanal and completely handmade touch.

Wooden outdoor furniture is usually the most desired by clients but first, you want to make sure the furniture you buy is suitable for outdoor and won't be subject to wear and tear. Teak wood for example is not only resistant and very elegant but it's also the best wood option in terms of quality. Are you feeling exotic? You could also opt for a Balinese sofa/bed made of natural wood for a bohemian chillout corner. You can complete the look with colourful cushions, floor cushions and ethnic decorations.

Your property in Fuerteventura has an industrial interior décor? No problem, you can find solid wooden tables and benches with black metal feet or decorative details. In this way you can create a modern and contemporary home décor that will be influenced by rustic and retro elements. When decorating your outdoor, do not forget about functionality and how useful it could be to buy an extendable table to accommodate more people only when you need to or hanging chairs to save space.

Are you feeling inspired?

If you need the advice of a professional interior designer and home decorator to buy outdoor furniture online and furnish your outdoor space in a different way, contact us for a free consultation.

Thanks to our extensive list of suppliers we can help you buy exclusive design and quality furniture, suitable for your home in the Canary Islands. We deliver to all of the islands including Tenerife, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, La Palma, El Hierro and La Gomera.

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