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BOLD - the latest interior design trend that loves curvy furniture and circular decoration.

Despite its meaning in English, Bold is a new design trend that introduces and prefers soft lines and curves when it comes to home decorating. Furniture designers fell in love with its sinuous approach to design and for this reason we have witnessed the rise of sofas, armchairs, vases, coffee tables and even artworks in curved and round shapes. Discover how to create a Bold interior design in your home in Fuerteventura. A Bold space is one with no sharp edges and corners, one that emanates pleasant sensations such as protection, tranquillity and softness.

We can safely say that the Bold trend and its focus on curvy furniture and circular decoration is so impacting that it will definitely be one of the most influential interior design trends of 2022. Born out of a necessity, meaning during the pandemic and the need for making our long days spent at home more comfortable and warm, Bold moves away from traditional minimal décor and it aims to decorate a space filled with soft lines and round shaped decorative objects. The objective is to create a welcoming and friendly living space.

According to architects and interior decorators, there are many benefits in designing and decorating a home with curves and round shapes and they impact us on many different levels. These shapes make us feel closer to nature than to the technological world, therefore our living space becomes more personal and dynamic. We will also find fewer but better selected pieces of furniture, textures and materials. Softs shapes will also give continuity to your home design and most importantly they will create a sense of serenity and peace of mind that no other design can achieve.

Curved lines are pleasing to the eye, make the space look bigger and turn it into a safe place to be. If you are wondering how to decorate Bold Style you should forget about all the geometric shapes and patterns that you have used so far in your interior decoration. Interior designers always like to find balance, symmetries and equilibrium when decorating a space but when it comes to Bold and curvy furniture you will soon realize that something as simple as buying a round table can deeply affect and change the flow of the whole space.

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If you are planning to renovate or redecorate your home or villa in Fuerteventura, rounded shapes will be the secret behind a dynamic, open and flowing space design but it is actually thanks to the right furniture that the real Bold style becomes visible and at the top of the list we find the curvy sofa. They are available in different shapes but they are all curved from a one-piece sofa look like a crescent moon to modular sofas with curved armrests, headrests, seat, the curve of the chaise longue.

Another key piece of furniture is the curved armchair as it will help you decorate a cosy reading corner. You can definitely create a statement interior decoration with the right armchair and since round shapes are directly connected to both modern and vintage home décor styles, you can easily create either a futuristic or retro inspired interior styling. After all, vintage pieces of the 60s and 70s are recognizable for their soft shapes and edges.


If renovating is not an options, you can still include the pleasantness, spaciousness and continuity of the Bold Style to any room of your home using different decorative objects:

  • Round shelves for the wall (wood or metal depending on the interior design style)

  • Carpets in a circle or round shaped carpets

  • A curved coffee table in the living room

  • Rounded mirror in the bathroom or bedroom

  • Cylinder-shaped lampshades and round vases

  • Cushions or artworks with drawings of curved lines

Designing a new home or renovating an existing one has never been easier thanks to Noogar and its interior design services in Fuerteventura. Our interior decorator can personally assist you from the initial design stage, manage the full home renovation if you don't live on the island, decorate and furnish with exclusive furniture. A beautiful, functional and Bold custom-designed interior for your home in Lajares, Villaverde, La Oliva, Corralejo, El Cotillo, Puerto del Rosario, Tindaya and Caleta de Fuste.

Contact Noogar today for a free quotation.

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