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Bohemian Decor

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Discover the best bohemian inspirations for your home in the Canary Islands.

It is one of the most requested interior design and decorative styles for the home, one that brings with it touches of faraway places, ethnic flavours and colourful patterns but, when our clients ask for a Bohemian Style, it is very important for us to understand the exact declination the word "bohemian" has for them. Behind the curtains of the Boho world, there are no specific rules and no mis-matching when it comes to furniture, colour palette and decorative pieces; this is because the term bohemian originally refers to the travellers of central-eastern European region of ancient Bohemia who, during their journeys, organically combined elements of various styles and cultures, creating an eclectic and unique style. Therefore, the styling of the home must follow the identity of his or her owner (or nomadic gipsy in this case). 

For this reason, Boho Style has been a trend that has travelled the world and survived centuries, showing up like a chameleon in fashion, music, art and most of all interior design and home styling. We are always excited to work on a bohemian project, whether the client wants a full home redecoration or simply bring some boho touches, because the result always reflects something personal and unique of our client's personality. The space is always filled with your favourite objects: a book collection, a vintage mirror, a mix of patterns, travel photographs, indoor plants or pieces of art and it is complemented with wooden furnishings, the only recurrent element of any true Bohemian interior. Noogar can help you create your own exotic oasis where your story (or Bohemian Rhapsody) is told through a precise aesthetic of your home interior. Let's discover some of the many different faces of  this style.

Moroccan Boho is a match made in heaven, especially for your outdoor space. Colourful and vibrant like the little streets of the medina in Marrakech, it features low tables, floor cushions and lots of lanterns. One thing we also love to bring indoor is a bold coloured wall. This style of Boho is extremely unapologetic in showing off strong patterns on carpets and cushions, intricate ethnic prints and a clash of as many colours as the moroccan spices. Moving on to Eastern European Bohemia we find a real gipsy spirit, made of tassels, lace and jewel embroideries, beaded curtains and your favourite decorations bought around the world. It is an elegant style subdued by peacock or hanging chairs and clashing colours.

The essence of a bohemian house lies in the art of being unconventional (it is curious to think that in French, the word bohemian translates to "gypsy" / "unconventional"). In the Western Boho style this means including vintage leathers, butterfly chairs, bright patterns for your rugs and succulents plants. Low floors-beds and rustic wooden furniture make of this boho interpretation a lovely countryside retreat. Traveling to our era, the Modern Boho-Chic is often portrayed as a white on white celebration, and we love white painted wooden floors matched with a vintage couch and an ornate rug. You can also introduce some bold hues to contrast the whiteness like colourful tiles or prints. The thing we love about Modern Boho is the presence of earthy plants, wall art and sometimes the use of patterned wallpapers reminiscent of the 70's.

Create your Bohemian home with Noogar and contact us to find out more about all the services we can offer you!

Make it Home. Make it Noogar.

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