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6 Easy ways to add a stylish design touch to your Bedroom Décor this year.

Our interior decorator in Fuerteventura shares 6 easy tips that you can use to decorate your bedroom. How can you add elegance and a design accent to your home's most intimate and personal sanctuary? From natural materials to art and headboards, discover the latest bedroom décor trends.

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A calming and relaxing bedroom is every client's main request when designing and decorating a bedroom and using neutral colours and neutral tones is the perfect (and easiest) way to create a peaceful atmosphere in your bedroom. However, this year is all about optimism and adding vibrant touches of colours that will brighten up the room. You can use blue, red and yellow or, if you do not feel like daring too much, you can still bring eccentric and interesting touches of colours using warm orange tones, vibrant deep green hues and even decorations or furniture with brass finishes.

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Adding natural materials and handmade art and crafts to your bedroom decoration is a way to express your personal style. Living in Fuerteventura means that you can find local artisanal design that focuses on sustainability, raw and recycled materials. Textiles and materials like vegetable fibres, wool, linen and even velvet will help you create a rustic-inspired bedroom décor. Paintings, statues, vases, pots, lamps and other handmade decorations will add that real and honest touch to the whole room.

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It is the most immediate and effective way to completely transform your bedroom and make it look elegant and sophisticated. Vintage design is iconic, timeless and always feels familiar and reassuring. Vintage lamps, bedside tables and even an armchair will make an unforgettable statement. Many designers and furniture brands are exploring vintage design again so it is getting easier to find more modern and contemporary vintage inspired furnishings.

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Buying a new headboard is interior designers' favourite way of making a statement in a bedroom. I have to admit that in my interior design projects in Fuerteventura I always try to either buy interesting headboards or design a custom-made options for my clients. Headboards are visually impacting and come in many shapes, colours, styles and materials that you can literally start renovating and decorating around it. You do not have to change a thing because a headboard will change it all.

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There are endless ways you can use neutral pinks to decorate your bedroom and you'd be surprised to see how transformative your bedroom renovation can look even if you only use one colour. You can create an earthy colour palette (pale pink, sage green and terracotta) and add a wooden headboard for example and the whole bedroom will feel relaxing and fresh. On the other hand, add blue or yellow to contrast a deeper hue of coral pink for a vibrant result.

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When you add layers in a room you are basically adding two beneficial elements in the interior decoration: depth and warmth. Carpets, cushions and curtains are not only beautiful but also wonderful to create and play with different textures. When you layer different elements properly, your bedroom will immediately feel welcoming and full of life. Depending on your taste, you can use carpets in neutral colours or in ethnic, bohemian and colourful options like the Persian carpet. Curtains are another element that will deeply affect your bedroom design according to the colour and material you choose.

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We know how difficult and stressful it can be to renovate and furnish a home, especially with the limitations of an island.

Noogar can offer you complete interior design and home decorating services in Fuerteventura that will add quality and value to your property in Villaverde, Corralejo, Caleta De Fuste, Lajares, La Oliva, Tindaya.

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