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Nordic Style: 3 Key Elements to decorate your home in Fuerteventura with a Scandinavian touch.

Nordic interior design is a trend typical of Northen European countries that focuses on light colours, simple materials and minimalism. The purpose is to make living spaces brighter due to the few hours of light available in these countries. Sunshine is not a problem in the Canary Islands but if you really like this style, our interior designer reveals 3 key elements to add scandi vibes to your Canarian interior décor.

It is very easy to recognize Scandinavian style, definitely one of the most popular interior design trends of the moment. A Scandi home is usually white and its colour palette consists on neutral colours while natural wood like oak or bleached wood is used especially on the floors. The interior decoration is simple with a minimalistic approach and furniture is functional and sober. There is a constant search for the Hygge Factor, meaning that Nordic sense of comfort and hospitality within the home spaces.

If your are looking to decorate your home in Fuerteventura in a clean, simple and practical way, this is the style your were looking for. These are the 3 key elements you should consider:

1 - Light Colours

White will be the colour you will use the most to paint the walls or to include in your home decoration. It will be the protagonist but to avoid monotony you can add some touches of light colours like beige and grey or, if you want to create strong contrasts, black or blue but only if used in small touches. You should never move too far away from minimalism and the whole point of having a bright interior design. Light colours also means using light wood and pastel shades to create a truly Scandinavian style colour palette. The floors will always be in oak, walnut, larch, ash or birch. When it comes to furniture, it is preferred to use wooden furnishings that are identical or at least similar in tones to the flooring.

2 - Soft and Warm fabrics

Do not be afraid to choose organic cotton, furry carpets, blankets and oversized cushions to create an inviting and comfortable living room and bedroom decoration. Needless to say, with fabrics we mean they must be of natural origin, like cotton and linen. Blankets have to be soft and placed properly on the sofa or bed to create the clean Nordic décor. However, you can opt for minimalist or geometric patterns for your fabrics to add another layer to the home décor. When you look at the styling of your home, fabrics must help you convey comfort and cosiness.

3 - Natural Light

This is a must if you want to decorate with Scandinavian style. Unfortunately, if you have small windows, it would be better to choose a different style. If you are designing, renovating or making architectural changes to your home in Fuerteventura remember to include very large windows to let the light in as Scandinavian design revolves around natural light. This element is as important as your floor because this style simply won't work in a home with tiled floor.

Following the Swedish rule of having maximum 3 colours per room, and our 3 key elements, you will be ready to start introducing Scandinavian style in your interior design. Extra tip? When it comes to art, once again, minimalism is the secret. You can even decorate with large paintings or reserve a wall for different art prints as long as the colours respect the interior colour palette.

Our interior design studio can assist you in designing, decorating and furnishing your home in Fuerteventura. We can manage the project from renovation until the final styling and create a unique space with your property.

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