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Hygge Style for your Home Décor

Are you looking for inspiration to renovate your home this year? You have come to the right place!

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Have you ever heard about the word “hygge”? If not, this week I am going to tell you everything about this interior design and #HomeDecor style that comes from Denmark. More than a style, it is a way of living, embracing a concept that aims to create harmony, joy and coziness in our daily life. It is almost a sensory realm and as an interior designer, I know how important it is to feel at ease in your own home, the environment that reflects the most your state of mind and wellbeing.

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The whole idea of decorating your home in a #hygge way is to have a place where you immediately feel “at home” because the vibe is peaceful and stress-free, something quite fundamental in Danish mentality. When it comes to home decor, this hygge mentality goes beyond the less is more attitude, it creates a sanctuary within the walls of your home that will not make you want to live anywhere else. Danish people are often nominated the happiest people in the world so, if you want to feel happier in your home in Fuerteventura, let me show you how you can design your home in a more hygge way.

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Forget about bold colour palettes, you need to keep things pure and simple opting for monochrome and subtle colours. The main priority is also to keep every room free from clutter and things you don’t actually need. The main source of light will be from candles, lamps and a fireplace. I know in the #CanaryIslands you don’t need a fireplace but a few times a year, it could be a nice options to warm up your home. Candle lighting is also a very common characteristic in #ScandinavianDécor as it adds cosiness and charm to your living room style. In general, the lighting is warm in order to relax your mind while you seat on your favourite armchair reading your favourite book.

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To create a serene space for your home décor, get rid of things you don’t need and, if you really can’t, think about clever storage solutions. In order to embrace hygge, choose neutral colours, or white, for your walls and throughout the house to really create an open, calming living area where you feel comfortable in. Speaking of comfort, relaxation is another key hygge element that calls for soft cushions and large knotted blankets that feel good to the touch. Textures can range from cashmere to #linen and even faux fur #cushions.

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Warm colours for your wooden furniture will be the perfect way to bring a Scandinavian touch to your home interior design and, mixing materials and patterns carefully, you will feel closer to nature. Being hygge does not mean living in a minimal modern home, it means adding plenty of warm elements and natural materials like leather, wool and wood of course. The purpose is to create a home full of character and style without the need of incorporating distracting colours or pieces of furniture.

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Last but not least, the bathroom décor needs to be quintessentially spa-like. This is the place where you can really take your time preparing in the morning or escaping to in the evening for a relaxing bath. The bathroom needs to be your own private retreat area for an ultimate hygge experience. Are you you already feeling the need for a more hygge interior design and décor for your home? Noogar can assist you during the whole design project and, with easy minimal touches you can create a cosier and happier vibe both for your home interiors and your peace of mind.

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