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Dining Room Tables: the ultimate guide to buy the best table for your home in the Canary Islands.

Every interior decorator will tell you how clients are usually uncompromising when it comes to buying a sofa and a dining room table. This is not surprising because when we think of a table, we think of something that we're going to use daily, a place where we gather to share meals and quality time with your family and friends. It's a piece of furniture that we want to last forever and the element that will dictate the style of the whole interior decoration. Our interior designer in Fuerteventura shares tips and idea to make sure you buy the perfect table for your Canarian home.

In my interior design and home décor projects in Fuerteventura I have learned how important it is for clients to buy a quality table for their living room or dining room and since finding the perfect table can be a challenging experience, they put their trust in me to buy a design table. Sometimes, I happen to design a table to be made to measure especially for them because, rule number one to follow when buying a table is studying the space available in your living room.

So, how do you choose the perfect table in terms of style and material?


A rectangular table is often clients' favourite choice because it is spacious and can accommodate many guests. To place a rectangular table correctly, you should consider its exposure to natural light and its width in order to buy the right chairs to make your guests feel comfortable. It is important to have enough space to move around and to decorate the table with the right elements like vases, plates and even plants. A long and wide rectangular table is the perfect choice for a big open plan living space.

On the other hand a round or oval table can be the best option for you if you have a smaller space. You must find clever solutions to make sure you do not waste any centimetre of your living room space. If you decorating a small apartment, even a squared table can be useful and if you place it in a corner, it will create a charming dining space that will result welcoming and won't use much space.


There are many reasons to decide for a custom designed table and the main one is having an exclusive design piece of furniture in your interior décor. The table will become the statement piece of your living room decoration and will add style and personality your your apartment or villa in the Canary Islands. Aesthetic aside, the other benefit is purely functional and practical. Designing furniture according to your specific needs and space will make the whole decorating and renovating process easier because the perfect size and the perfect fit, sometimes are just impossible to find in a furniture shop. For example, in one of my interior design project in Casilla de Costa, Villaverde, I personally designed an industrial design dining table to perfectly fit in front of the window.


The guidelines are pretty much the same when you need to buy an outdoor table to decorate and furnish your terrace, patio or garden. However, if you can safely opt for more expensive and delicate materials for your indoor table, when it comes to outdoor furniture, the main priority is the material you choose. Personally, I really like bamboo furniture and tables because it is a really strong, durable, natural and sustainable material. If you buy a wooden table for your outdoor, remember it needs extra attention and care.


Speaking of wood, wooden tables are the most traditional, beautiful and desired. The material itself is durable, easy to repair and also has the ability to add warmth and atmosphere to any interior. Wood is suitable to decorate rustic, industrial, bohemian and even modern style homes. There are also many furniture designers who are focusing on creating recycled wood furniture or tables using exotic wood like mango, mindi, fir, suar and teak.

I believe a table can truly transform and elevate the interior design of your living room, office or coworking space and an online interior decorator in the Canary Islands can help you study the space and give you access to exclusive furniture in Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Tenerife, La Palma.

Noogar can help you design and decorate your home in the Canary Islands with our online interior design services. Quality furniture, 3D renders, mood-boards and the assistance of a professional interior decorator to properly furnish and decorate your space the way you always wanted to, no matter where you live.

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