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How to Decorate a home with your partner. A couple's guide to a happy interior design project.

There are many things that challenge and put a couple's stability to the test and one of these things is definitely facing a home renovation. We meet many lovely couples during our interior design projects in Fuerteventura but when it comes to decorating a new home, they do not necessarily agree on the interior design style or the furniture they want to buy. The good news is that it's possible to decorate a home with your partner without breaking up the relationship and these are the steps to take.

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You may love your partner but you may soon find out that when you need to design and decorate your home you do not quite like the same things. If you are decorating your home as a couple you should be prepared to compromise, consider wisely every decision and most importantly communicate your needs and expectations openly. After all, you are working on the most important and personal project of your life, something that will have a daily and long-lasting effect on both of you: your home.

When couples are happy with our interior design services in Fuerteventura they forget how much effort the whole process took to finally create a space that would suit each other's needs. We don't mean to put extra pressure on you and your other half but it is important to understand that it will be a rollercoaster ride from moments of frustration to moments of excitement and fun. You will not agree on every single decision and that is OK. The secret is in finding a balance and these are our tips on how to decorate a home with your partner:

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It is important to have some ground rules that you will always need to follow, and remember, even when the situation gets difficult and heated. Before you even start thinking about furniture, colours and architectural features you should agree on the budget for the home renovation, on how much time each one of you is willing to dedicate on following the project and finally, have a common objective. This also means trusting your partner with making decisions for the both of you in the area of his or her expertise. You may be an expert or passionate about furniture, home décor and textiles while your partner may be more talented with things like electronics and construction works.

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An exciting part of buying a house in Fuerteventura is that you get to decorate your new home abroad, or holiday home, in the way you always wanted to. However, if your dream is to have a huge sofa or a custom designed kitchen, your partner's priorities may be different and may include building a swimming pool, buy designer furniture or spending more money on original art or outdoor furniture. You may like white and neutral colours while your partner's dream was to always have a black bathroom or furniture made of dark natural wood. You should never compromise on feeling happy when you enter your home but your partner should love it just as much. A home that reflects and blends both of your favourite styles and tastes can be created only if you are willing to compromise, just like in any relationship. Even Scandinavian homes and bohemian interiors can find a common ground and create something different altogether like Scandi-Boho.

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To feel like you are working together and equally sharing the burden and vision of decorating your new home, a good thing to do is spending time together looking at design and home décor magazines or interior design projects on Pinterest and Instagram. This will help you lay a stable foundation where you both can start building your own personal style. There are going to be endless decisions to make during the home renovation and with your interior designer and having this foundation, and remembering your ground rules, will facilitate the process. Also, taste is strictly personal so do not be ashamed to say what you like for your home and what are the deal-breakers for you. Once you are both on the same page it will be easier to meet halfway.

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It is important to distance yourself from the stereotypical saying that "men are from Mars and women are from Venus" because the secret to any room design is in the colour palette that you choose and putting together masculine and feminine decorating styles is not only possible but it is the only way to create an interesting space with a beautiful interior design. If you keep it simple and neutral using just two main colours it will be easier to add decorative elements and furniture from both masculine and feminine universes.

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You may find yourself having different ideas and priorities than you partner's and that is probably because you conceive the space in a different way and according to your own personal usage of it. You may spend a lot of time watching TV, working from home or cooking healthy food in the kitchen. You may need a home office or a gym or, depending on your hobbies, you may have hundreds of books or many plants or vases. Therefore, design your home according to the functionality of every space, thinking of both storage solutions and custom-made furniture. Once it is clear how you want to use the space it will be easier to start choosing the colour palette, the floor tiles, the materials and even the textiles.

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The best thing about hiring an interior designer in Fuerteventura is not only the fact that you won't need to stress about the whole renovating and decorating process, it is having an experienced professional by your side that can make decisions on your behalf. After carefully listening to both of your necessities and wishes, an interior designer can be the judge, so to speak, and decide on the next best step to take. When it seems hard to make a decision, an interior designer will find the best solution, always keeping the big picture in mind: the overall interior design style of the property.

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Are you excited to start designing, renovating and decorating your home in Fuerteventura with your partner? Do not forget to have fun and enjoy every minute of it because in the end, it's what matters the most. Noogar can help you with professional interior design and home decorating services to make your renovation easier.

Contact us for a free quotation.

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