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The Best Colour Combinations for your Home Décor in Fuerteventura.

Creating the perfect colour palette when you are renovating a property seems like the easiest thing to do but any interior designer will tell you how actually important, and difficult, matching colours is in any home décor project. Colours not only have the power to affect the whole style of a space, they also affect our mood and wellbeing within the house. A professional interior decorator knows what are the best colours to mix and what are the ones you should definitely not combine. Here are some tips to choose the best colours for your home.

No matter how beautiful the architecture of your home is, no matter what stylish designer furniture you use to furnish your rooms, in the end, what will make your home incredibly elegant or incredibly boring and kitsch is the colours that you use. Combining colours is not an easy job but there are different options that you can consider according to your home space and the interior design style you want to create.

Colours have such an impact that sometimes you won't even have to refurbish your home to create a new interior design because, with the right colours, you can add value to an existing space. Interior decorating is a visual game and the proper use of colours will help you with painting features like door frames, ceilings, windows or walls in such a way that they will either go unnoticed or highlighted, depending on your taste.

For this reason, as an interior designer I spend a lot of time finding the right tone, shade and hue of the colours I use in my design and décor projects in Fuerteventura. Most of the times, I end up creating entirely brand new colours for my clients but let's see some colour combinations you can use to decorate your home:


If you like gold and you want to use it in your home, remember that gold is associated with luxury and opulence and you have to respect that to make it work in the interior design. You can either design a modern home, predominantly white where golden touches will add warmth and elegance or, you can opt for bold contrasts and colours like indigo blue or vermilion red, introducing gold through lighting or décor elements. This would be a great combination for a glam, art deco interior design. In both cases, do not overuse gold and display it only on finishes and details.


There are many people who like pink as a colour but one thing is to wear it and another is making it a permanent part of your daily life. What colours are best combined with pink? You can use pink as a base colour of your home décor together with white and then introduce energetic colours like a yellow or contrasting colours like a blue. Pink immediately brings dreaminess and softness to the space so you want to make your interior design more dramatic using blue velvet chairs, white textiles or yellow decorative touches.


There are more than fifty shades of grey so when you choose this colour, finding balance and the right combination is everything. Grey is elegant, contemporary and timeless and it makes for one of the most loved, versatile colour. Also, it is perfect to use it both as a background colour and as a colour for furniture because it makes the space look bigger. Add white, yellow, or natural wood to add depth. Whether you are decorating a living room or bathroom, grey is always exciting when mixed with shades of olive green, crisp white, teal and even pastel pink.

White and Natural Materials

A home renovation usually starts with painting all the walls white to have a blank canvas were to start designing a new home. White conveys different emotions according to the particular shade you use, not all whites are white. Complementing a white interior design with natural materials like wood and stones help you adding a layer of character and personality to the space. The result is relaxing and reminds of Mediterranean homes.

Neutral Colours

Neutral colours and neutral tones will work beautifully in any home decoration, creating a safe zone where you will always feel welcomed. This does not mean you need to give up colours completely, you can add touches of colours with furniture, cushions and other decorative details. The perfect colour palette to decorate a Scandinavian home. Neutral colour will also make you feel calmer. This may seems like the easy choice to make but sometimes, not taking risks has its own benefits. If you are not absolutely sure about the colours you are using, you may end up being tired of them within a year.

Back to Black

It is almost impossible to fail using black and the good news is you can still use colour. To make your home elegant and chic the best thing to do is creating interesting contrasts, no matter what your colour palette is. Black is the perfect colour to add contrast to a room and still make it feel homogeneous with the rest of the interior décor. If you use black spray paint, the finish will be even more glamorous. Also black metal and black materials in general, whether in granite, porcelain or steel will help you decorating a modern yet sophisticated home interior.

Total White

Everyone likes a clean and peaceful home décor and designing a total white interior will help you achieve this and, at the same time, you will stay away from making mistakes. Using one colour makes your interior decorating easier however, to add depth and personality, styling the property with the right accessories and decorations is essential. Use different textures, textiles, wallpapers, kitchen tiles and ceramics. Remember that white is actually a colour so all these white decorative elements will help you creating a minimalist, modern or even rustic interior design, depending on the choices you make.

One Colour, Endless Possibilities

Using different shades of colours in the same family is the way to creating a nuanced, visually pleasing aesthetic for your home décor. This monochromatic colour palette is often the best choice to decorate a living room or bedroom (even if it is common to see it in the decoration of commercial spaces and restaurants as well). An interior designer can help you decorate and furnish the space but if you choose a monochromatic colour palette, you are the only one who can decide what colour to use according to the ambience you want to create. Warm colours are best for larger spaces while cold colours are the best choice for a calmer and relaxing space.

The professional services of an interior decorator can help you create the perfect colour palette to design and decorate your home in Fuerteventura. Whether you are refurbishing your property or you are in need of a make over, our interior design studio can offer you a tailored service according to your specific needs.

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